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Men receive 3 orgasms for every 1 that women receive. That's 200% more, or a gap of 66%, making it one of the greatest gender inequalities our society faces. It’s time to talk about and practise more pleasurable sex to help close the orgasm gap. 

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Vulva Maze

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Studies have shown 25-50% of men, and 35% of women are unable to identify the clitoris, the centre of female pleasure. As only 25% of women are able to orgasm from penetration alone, it’s time to give the clitoris more consideration during sex to end the orgasm gap.


Crescendo is infinitely poseable. Use it to stimulate your clitoris and other erogenous zones during sex and solo play.

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Fake Lips

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70-80% of women have reported faking orgasms. We have been tempted to fake it from time to time when the pressure to perform gets too much. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to hurt your partner’s feelings, but it can set a dangerous precedent. 

It’s time for women to seek the same sexual satisfaction men do. 


Crescendo has 6 powerful vibration zones to help you reach new heights of climax.

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Only 38% of women report regularly masturbating, compared to 96% of men. If female masturbation becomes seen as a normal and healthy part of life,  we can easily bridge the orgasm gap. Incorporating mutual masturbation into sex can also result in more pleasurable sex and equal orgasms for partners.


With its smart app, Crescendo uses personalised vibe patterns to shape your pleasure.

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Infinite toys in one, Crescendo is the world's most advanced vibrator. Designed to adapt to your body, Crescendo will literally bend over to please you.


The average pay gap is 21% … 

We’re closing the orgasm gap with 21% off Crescendo!

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